Bringing Transparency to the Influencer Marketing Industry

Social media and influencer marketing with purpose. We embody the idea of working together, learning from each other, and empowering one another putting knowledge at the forefront of meaningful relationships.

"I've followed health bloggers amazing work for some time and now finally delving into blogging! HBC is engaging, supportive and inspiring and I'm feeling great about moving my Blog forward!"

- Lauren Lovatt,


The Health Bloggers Community

We embody the idea of working together, learning from each other, and empowering one another.

The HBC is a collective of influencers and education tool for both health & wellness influencers and brands on how to meaningfully work together following the guidelines in advertising and marketing. We host events, run campaigns and create content via our magazine as well as running certifications and courses via the Whole Influence Network.

We share stories that follow the lives and careers of influencers and leaders, for fellow influencers to action on their industry-insider tips and tricks. We also empower both brands and influencers to create long-term and meaningful relationships, as we truly believe collaborations should be more than a monetary transaction.


Whole Influence Marketing & Consulting

Our online services ranging from social media strategy and management, editorial and content coordination to creative outreach.

We also offer consulting and project management solutions for brands looking to review and refine their marketing and influencer outreach. We provide detailed strategic and operations plan to tells you precisely what needs to be added or changed to double your effectiveness in your business.

Our consultation packages include metrics and software recommendations as well as tactical ideas that match up to your business goals. We provide you with the tools and the resources to succeed at content, social media and influencer marketing.

We can also take the load of work off your shoulders, by providing tailored management solutions for you.


Influencer & Influencer Marketing Specialist Certification

Our certifications will provide you with the tools, ethics within the health and wellness industry, as well as codes and practices to comply to influencer marketing standards.

Our certifications cater influencers looking to turn their passion into business, as well as educating people on how to value their work, and get people to value it.

Brands need to realise the power of social influence, as much as influencers should focus less on just putting a price tag to things, and more on creating a connection with brands they truly love, as well as aiming for better and long-term partnerships.

"I have loved being a part of the academy. I highly recommend it to anyone who is starting out as a blogger or a social media influencer. Its got all the hacks, strategic tips you need to enhance your digital presence and take your blog and feed to the next level."

Jia from Wandering for Wellness