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This joint training certification will provide the influencers with the tools, ethics within the health and wellness industry, as well as codes and practices to comply to influencer marketing standards.

In order to obtain the WellSpoken and HBCxWIM influencer training certification, applicants must undertake robust assessments that examine the credibility of all their communications, as well as proficiency in marketing and advertising practises.

Our assessments ensure that those awarded the two certifications go beyond achieving the minimum business standard for compliance with UK and EU law and best practice principles, as well as FTC and ASA regulations. We also develop public guidance to assist those operating within the wellness industry to meet a high standard of consumer communications and working relationships between brands and influencers.

To be awarded WellSpoken and HBCxWIM Influencer training certification, an applicant must be seen to be making a positive impact within the wellness industry, as well as leading positive and professional relationships.


TIME COMMITMENT: 10/12 hours

PRICE: £400 (3/6-month instalment plans available)

Here's 3 reasons to take the certification:

  • Become a leader in the industry - position yourself at the forefront of the wellness industry as an experienced writer, as well as reliable source of information within your remit.
  • Stand out from the crowd - whether you are looking to solely collaborate with brands and publications, or this is part of a wider portfolio career, PRs and brands are now looking to work with reliable and professional individuals, which is exactly what we are providing you with.
  • Improve your business and marketing skills - one of the biggest reservations we have from brands and agencies wanting to work with influencers is the fear they'll lack in professionalism. With our training you'll be provided with business and marketing practises to create long-term relationships.

In order to obtain the WellSpoken and HBCxWIM influencer training certification, you'll undertake robust assessments that examine the credibility of all their communications, as well as proficiency in marketing and advertising practises.
What else will you get?

  • Complementary access to our library of resources (250+ assets for you on topics like blogging, marketing, book publishing, product creation)
  • Updates, monthly round-table Q&As and latest news from the industry
  • Access to our group of 150 influencers
  • Display in our alumni board for brands, agencies and PRs to access
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Part One: Credibility in the Health and Wellness industry

The WellSpoken Influencer training certification equips content generators with the robust frameworks that supports the development high-quality responsible, ethical and evidence-based wellness content.

While there is extensive UK and European law regulating to product health claims specifically, there is still a gap in legislation for driving wellness brands, bloggers and publishers to be more responsible for the public content they produce.

The current lack of industry-specific legislation means that consumers and other stakeholders have had to become the active players in holding wellness brands and ambassadors accountable. This leads to confusion, frustration and mistrust.

WellSpoken is leading an industry gold-standard for credible wellness content.Through this training programme, we provide influencers with to tools to:

  • Produce good quality wellness information
  • Communicate about wellness in a responsible manner
  • Have credible partnerships and affiliations

Our Industry-wide Code of Conduct and Guidance set out a simple framework to which everyone can adhere, ultimately raising existing industry standards and ensuring that the fundamental aim of all health and wellness information is achieved - to support the health and wellness of the public.


Part Two: Compliance to Marketing and Advertising Standards within the Influencer Marketing Industry

The HBCxWIM Influencer training certification equips influencers with the tools to efficiently and effectively lead relationships with brands from a marketing and business standpoint.

Despite the ever-growing marketing budgets allocated to influencer marketing, the ignorance around how the industry works and the exchange of goods and services is jeopardising both brands and influencers.

Influencers have a responsibility to approach brands in a professional manner and outline their business case for collaboration, ways that some of you have shared here, as well as being fully aware of how to protect their content and be transparent about their advertising work.

This is why the Whole Influence Network (HBCxWIM) is set to create their own industry standards and code of conduct in other to create some transparency across both parties.

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